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Even With High Winds I have Great Golf Shots

Welcome back to my playing in the wind saga of gre at

golf swings on October 20th of 2010.

I wanted to get back to telling you about a couple of holes that I played well and had some out acai prices standing golf swings on.

On my favorite hole on this golf course, I have already had two birdies and one eagle. It is a short par five but is very challenging. I have done well because of my new golf swing and the ability to hit it far enough to get me an easy second shot and done it with accuracy.

Yesterday I was telling you about playing golf during a severe wind advisory. On the eighth hole with a wind at our back I decided to use my three metal club to hit a drive with. The wind is blowing steady at 20 to 30 mph and gusting at 40+ so I wanted to pin point my drive and use my three metal instead of my driver.

I hit the club right on the nose (sweet spot) and it took off like it was shot out of a cannon. I ended up about 140 yards from the green, out driving my fellow golfers by 50 yards or more. I decided to use my nine iron for the shot as I figured the wind would help carry it. It did but it also took it off to the right where it grazed by one of the big trees guarding the green.

Well I landed about 20 yards from the green and decided to use my eight iron for the chip as my third shot. I hit a great shot and it bounced three times in the fairway before it landed on the green. It rolled with a very severe curve towards the pin and hit the pin and bounced off by a foot. I putted it in and got a birdie but it could very well have been another eagle. What a great group of shots.

I was really pumped up after that series and we went over to the ninth hole where the wind was tremendous. More right to left but on a diagonal into our face.

I hit a boomer of a drive and I had decided to hit it out over the trees in the right rough as the wind is blowing hard from right to left. Well, I hit a great shot and we watch as the ball as it goes out over the trees Enhancement male prescription and catches the wind. It is then being pushed from right rough over the trees to left rough just between the last trap before the green and the left edge of the fairway.

I would estimate that the wind pushed that ball about 50 yards from it’s original flight path from right to left. Quite the wind.

That is a drive of over 275 yards, in this wind. I am about 10 yards short of the green and I then chip up onto the green. But the wind knocks the chip down and it stops dead. I putt twice for a four but I should have had a birdie except for the wind. What a way to finish the nine with a birdie and par for 43.

This is a video about green side chips.

This is a good lesson on chipping. I now use about five different clubs to chip with including a sand wedge and a seven iron. I get to use these chip shots a lot because I am not hitting the green in regulation but I am close. My next need to do better is to land on the green like I am suppose to so that I can make a short putt for birdie instead of trying to chip it in from off the green.

Next post is how we finished play and what happened on these last two holes.

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