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Practice For My Golf Swing

If you want to learn more right now about my new perfect swing and how you can get yours, sign up for my newsletter for my ten part series of learning to golf for next season.

The 10 part series will show you the simple golf swing I have finally found, also how I learned about tempo and rhythm and how to practice during the winter and forever.

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I have put together my practice routine for the last of the season and then the winter.

I need to get better at putting. I am pretty good right now but I want to be able to make long putts every now and then. I want to make sure that everything within 3 feet is sunk and lag putts put me within that three foot radius.

Next, I need to be able to hit the greens in regulation from the six iron in. Playing from the back means that every now and then I will need a six iron to hit the green. Only because I cannot hit my seven iron 165 yards yet. That brings us to the last part that needs improvement is I have to be able to hit an eight iron 150 yards and the wedge 110 yards like I used to be able to do.

I don’t need the height as with my new and improved upright swing I hit the ball really high. So I have to get the distance required for the shot less than my nine iron which I hit about 110 to 130 yards. I need to be able to hit 110 yards with my wedge.

Also, I have to be able Male enhancement prescription to hit those pesky little knock down shots. I don’t even know how to begin to hit that shot but with the wind we play in it is a shot that we all should learn how to play. We have this one guy who plays with us and he knows how to do that and it drives the rest of us crazy as we can’t do it.

They say I should learn to hit a draw but I am very happy with my straight shot. If my ball goes right or left it is because the wind took it or I hit a bad shot. So, I really appreciate the fact that my ball goes straight and will not try to screw with it.

Let’s talk about bad shots. My driver is set with a slightly closed face and if I hit the ball out towards the tip and miss the sweet spot the ball will go about 20 to 30 yards less with a slight draw. All the guys seem to enjoy the draw but I know I hit it wrong and it drives me crazy.

So part of my learning a new golf swing is to get one that I will hit the same every time so that I hit the ball on the club where I generate the best hit. Why have a sweet spot if you can’t hit abilify prescription assistance it every time?

My next post will be to give you some suggestions that would help you practice over the winter.

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