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My Golf Scores are Still Pretty Good

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We played another 18 this week.

I am only playing this 18 holes now as the leagues are all over and I can only get out once per week. My wife wants to get out but with our busy schedules it is tough to get out on the weekend.

In spite of that I am still shooting in the low 40’s during each nine. That means ac buy carisoprodol my golf score is about 86 on average and I am still experimenting while I play. I am quite content with that.

I am driving great with my new/old driver and hitting the ball long and straight. I am out driving all except one or two golfers that we are playing with so I am very pleased. I have made serious attempts to get as close to the green as I can on the 15th hole. That is the right hand dog leg. I have hit two drives that were within 65 yards and 30 yards. I got a birdie on one and par on the other.

Tough green but I love playing that hole now.

I am still having trouble with my short irons and some of it is carrying over to my longer irons.

I am not exactly sure what to do about it. I will sometimes keep my head down extra long to see if that helps and sometimes it does but that is not the root cause.

I am going on vacation for a week to Phoenix, Arizona. We checked and found out the temps are going to be in the 100’s while we are there, so we are leaving our clubs home.

This is to visit my brother, cousin and an uncle. I have not seen my brother for almost 5 years so I expect to spend most of my time socializing and not have time for golf anyway. My cousin and I have our birthdays 12 days apart so we will celebrate that also while there.

Be back in a couple of weeks to talk about my golfing.

I have this video from about practice – Enjoy

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Next post is open your eyes dummy and fix what is wrong.

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