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I Find The Glitch In My Golf Swing

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I have spent the week in Arizona and found out what it is like to be in 100 degree heat every day, Whew!

We had a good time and our uncle took us out to dinner one night so thanks unc.

I have been back about a week and played a few days ago with my group. We played 18 again and my drives were still good but my irons are just killing me. I shot 47 and 44 for a 91. We got to play back first and front second.

But I will either chili dip or skull my wedge or 9 iron.

Shoot! I am so lost about this and I just don’t know what to do. I have had all types of suggestions but nothing helps.

I decide I must go to the driving range and hit just those irons giving me fits until I figure Buy Viagra online it out. I get an extra large bucket of balls as I am sure I will be there for a long time.

I start out just like I expected and get pissed. I watched the golf channel a day or two before and he said to hit the clubs you’re hitting good in between your bad shots and compare.

So, not wanted to dig all the grass out of the tee area, I pulled my three metal club and swung it a couple of times, then I went back to the irons and immediately found the difference. Because I cannot hit those irons (6 thru wedge) long enough, I have been over swinging. When I over swing I raise up on my toes and grow about two inches taller causing me to hit on top of the ball or hit the ball in the middle and skull it.

So, on my next five shots acai 1000 mg I stayed down and just tried to make good contact. I had to adjust my alignment with the ball as I hit the balls on or near the hossel. I move away from the ball by about an inch and a half. Nice golf swing and I hit the balls in the sweet spot.

Rising up is not the root cause of my bad hits but it is my body adjusting to something I am doing wrong. When I stay down and hit the ball well, I am just compensating for my incorrect golf swing.

My new golf swing which I have not started using yet has addressed this issue and takes care of it. Further testing will see.

Next post is what I did to make the swings better.

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