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I Really Dislike Golfing in the Wind

This is the last post of 2010. I hope you have a great weekend and I will see you next year. I always love saying that.

Here is the last post of 2010;

This could be the final installment for the last Wednesday outing for Oct. 27th. Telling you all about my very great golf swings.

Like I said previously, we bump into that slow poke foursome. We play up until 14 behind these characters and decide to go to the end of the 16th hole (about a 100 yards out) and then go to my least favorite hole the par three 17th. It is an island/peninsula green with water all around except for some land behind the green.

Again the wind is blowing really hard and I decide to club down by two clubs to make sure I get across. Well it gets up into the wind and it blows it from the middle Male enhancement prescription of the green to over the water and it lands between the water and the cart path on the far right. The other three golfers take their cue from my shot and start their balls out over the water on the far left and sure enough all three land on the green.

This is highly unusual. Normally, the majority of the golfers land in the water. Last week all six of us landed in the water, this week none. Well I have to chip over the water and I do land safely onto the green and two putt for a four. The best I’ve had there in the last five attempts. I am happy. The others got pars.

Then we go to eighteen with a tail wind.

I hit first, as you have probably figured out I like to hit first, usually out of turn but normally the others are not ready so I just get up there and hit. I hit a decent drive but I hit it out by the toe and it has a slight draw and goes about 240 with the wind at our back.

The others hit decent shots. There is one fellow playing with us that has the same driver acai purchase as I do except it is 9.5 degrees whereas my is 10.5. I ask if I can hit his once to see if they are the same or different. I don’t like it to begin with as he has a very rough, hard & skinny grip. My grip is very soft and a little bigger or over sized so it is comfortable in your hand.

I hit his club and it goes OK but I just don’t like it. So he tries mine. He hits a great shot and won’t give me my club back. He wants to keep it. He likes mine better then his. He says I can have his as he wants mine. I tell him to get a new soft grip like mine and he will enjoy using it better.

I finally get my club back and we go out to our balls. He has out driven me by 50 yards. He wants my driver and I say no again. Well I am about 280 yards from the green so I just go ahead and hit. I hit a great shot with my three metal and I know I am up close to the green. He has to wait for the green to clear and he uses a seven metal to hit the ball.

I am ten yards from the green. That means I hit the three metal with a tail wind close to 260 yards. I have a sand trap in front of me and the pin is up front. I hit a nice little wedge that is intended to go the ten yards and land on the green and roll about 8 to 10 feet. Well I hit it nicely and just as soon as the ball gets above the green it makes a left turn when the wind hits it.

The ball stops dead and is 15 feet from the pin. Too bad, I think it would have been a good shot but no. So I two putt for a par and go one over for the last two holes.

It has been a good day even with all of the wind. I shoot 43 on the front and play seven holes on the back and am three over for those seven. The guys decide to go back out and play those two holes but I have to go and get ready for the evening.

Next post will probably be about next Wednesday unless it gets two cold. We’ll see.

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