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The Perfect Golf Swing is Close

The Perfect Golf Swing – Do you think of yourself as a hack on the golf course? Are you embarrassed to tell your golf scores to anyone? Then you will want to read my blog. I am on a quest to get my golf scores to a better than hack average. Both leagues I golf on the average score for nine is 48. Is this you? My average was 49.

It has been said that the average for all golfers is 99.9 for 18 holes and there are 26 million golfers. So, don’t feel lonely. There are lots of us in that hackers range and many more even worse.

I am trying to get a grooved golf swing where I can score in the low 40’s or upper 30’s and be the best or second best golfer in the league. Would you like to do that also. Then follow me on my quest, see me work on it and learn from me. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

First I want to tell you that most of these events occurred previously and the tails about my current golfing scores have been occurring over the summer. I began this blog in October and it is now November as I post these but the current events happened June, July, August, September, October and November of 2010.

If you are just now starting to read my blog I would advise that you go to the beginning and read back up to these current posts so that you understand how life got in front of golf and what led to the loss of my golf swing and how I am getting it back.

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Well night time fell just as predicted.

The last three groups did not finish. I was in the first of those groups that did not finish 18. We teed off and could not see or find three of four balls. Went out to the location of the only ball we could find and hit two shots but could not see them so we decided to quit.

The last group could not play the 17th par three, so we only counted sixteen holes. We did ok and ended at 8 under for sixteen. The winner was 9 under for 16 and there was two of them. We ended up with two skins and made our money back.

I am hitting the ball really well but I cannot make a putt to save my butt. Very disappointing as that is what carried my comeback and helped reduce my scores. My swing is still not right but I am hitting about 70% of my shots very nicely thank you.

I still don’t know where exactly my ball will go. Is it going right, left or center. My best club to hit is my two iron. You probably think I am crazy for even carrying a two iron but I love hitting it. I am hitting that club about 220 yards right down the middle. It is lovely to see that beautiful arc and dead straight shot.

Funny though, I only use it about twice a round for nine holes. I use my three wood about twice a round and I use my driver seven times a round for nine holes. I hit that two iron the best of all my clubs. But I think I am going to stop using my two iron one of those times.

We have a hole that is divided by a large creek. It is 230 yards from the back tees to the waters edge.

Then the creek is about 60 yards wide. I have heard of only one person ever driving over the creek from the tee box and I don’t know if that person used the reds, the whites or the blues. But I do know a couple of people that have tried it and hit the water on the fly and these people can out drive me by a ton.

Well every time I have used my two iron on that hole I have driven it into the water. The problem is that there is an elevation change about forty yards from the water and it drops down about five feet in height. The drop is cause by a forty five degree slope and if your ball hits the downhill slope it will give it a boost and carry your ball into the water.

So, I am not going to use it again. I have enough problems losing balls without giving it up so easily on a great shot. So I will use my three iron from now on.

I used to carry a driving iron but found I could hit my two iron further so I stopped using it even though I enjoyed taking it out and having people wonder out loud, “What is that?”. I hit it pretty good which amazed people even more. But in my attempt to play golf and generate good golf scores, I am using the driver the most and looking to use the seven, eight and nine irons more and get the distance and accuracy I am suppose to do to keep from having to chip so much. And get better golf scores with a perfect golf swing.

The season is winding down. My next post is about the end of the season.

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