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The Golf Scores Count

Golf Scores – Do you think of yourself as a hack on the golf course? Are you embarrassed to tell your golf scores to anyone? Then you will want to read my blog. I am on a quest to get my golf scores to a better than hack average. Both leagues I golf on the average score for nine is 48. Is this you? My average was 49 but for the first four weeks I averaged 52 (hack).

It has been said that the average for all golfers

is 99.9 for 18 holes and there are 26 million golfers. So, don’t feel lonely. There are lots of us in that hackers range and many more even worse.

I am trying to get a grooved golf swing where I can score in the low 40’s or upper 30’s and be the best or second best golfer in the league. Would you like to do that also. Then follow me on my quest, see me work on it and learn from me. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

First I want to tell you that most of these events occurred previously and the tails about my current golfing scores have been occurring over the summer. I began this blog in October and it is now November as I post these but the current events happened June, July, August, September, October and November of 2010.

If you are just now starting to read my blog I would advise that you go to the beginning and read back up to these current posts so that you understand how life got in front of golf and what led to the loss of my golf swing and how I am getting it back.

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My Monday night golf league and our golf scores.

The player that normally keeps track of the standings is on a three week vacation so his duties are being taken over by another player in the league. The scores were not posted for last week or last Generic Viagra Online Pharmacy night but I was pretty confident. The fellow that was closest to me has hurt his wrist and has decided to drop out for the rest of the season on the advice of his doctor.

He was about 9 behind me but he missed a night and if you do not have a sub you get the worst score of the night. So he was moving back. But what I did not realize was that there was a golfer that was playing really well and while I was not scoring really well he was gaining.

He is now only 8 back but the golfer I was suppose to play with next week won’t make it. He has a sub, a really good golfer who has been subbing for the last two weeks. He has been asked to sub for the member to play with me. So, I am feeling confident again about remaining in third place for the finish.

I can expect support from this guy and actually he will probably carry me. So next week we will find out if I maintain third or not.

In the meantime, my golf league on Wednesday is playing a four man scrambles for the second from last night. They are going to play 18 holes and compete for skins, best score and greenies. I have a concern. I always thought that playing a scambles was faster then playing regular but since being on the Monday league I have decided that it is not faster as a matter of fact it is slower.

I have a concern about some of the groups not finishing before dark. We are teeing off beginning at 4:00 pm. There are going to be 7 groups playing a four man scrambles. I estimate that the round will take 4.5 hours minimum. If you give them the benefit of seven minutes between tee offs that means the last group will tee off at 4:50 pm.

With the tee off at 4:50 pm and you add 4.5 hours to the round it will take them to 9:20 pm to finish. Sunset is now at 8:17 pm and dark is around 8:45 pm. So the last two or three groups will not finish. I called my leader and expressed my concern and he stated that there was nothing he could do as we were locked into our schedule and it could not be altered.

Well I suspect that 60 mg prednisone we will only count 14 , 15 or 16 holes for all as they will not be able to finish those last holes.

Here is a short video of the perfect golf swing with Tiger Woods;

Next post, Only time will tell what the golf scores will be.

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